Vernissage of „Picture(s) Now“ on 03.03.2017

„Picture(s) Now – Constructions of Temporality since Social Media“

We photograph to remember. We photograph to forget. Every picture we take ensures that we have something to return to should the moment it depicts slip from our minds. We don’t store snapshots in old photo albums anymore: Rather, apps turn the photographic documents into a constant flow of pictures which first and foremost share our iterations of the present. Uploaded in digital environments, information is added and new contexts affect their meaning, changing not only concepts of remembering and archiving, but the very „memory“ of the material that we use.

The international group exhibition “Picture(s) Now: Constructions of Temporality since Social Media” gathers works which tackle the mediation of the moment within image based media. In addition the products of the workshop „Instant : Document“ will be implemented in the exhibition. The workshops allows students of Shenkar College and University of Applied to work with artists Alexandra Heide and Daniel Neubacher in order to create their own image based constructions of the moment.

Vernissage: Friday 03.03.2017 I 19:00h
Museum für Fotografie, Jebensstraße 2, 10623 Berlin

Opening Party: Friday 03.03.2017 I 21:30h
ACUD MACHT NEU, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

Opening hours: 04.03.-02.04.2017
Tuesday – Sunday 11 am – 7pm I Thursday 11 am – 8pm
Museum für Fotografie, Jebensstraße 2, 10623 Berlin

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